Tips to maintain your bike in good condition

Wondering how to keep your bike in good condition? You’re in the right place. Over the last few years, we’ve seen some common mistakes that bike owners often make. We want to make sure that you know some common and essential tips that will help you maintain your bike. A well-maintained bike is very important to truly keep your ride safe and efficient. 

This is why we’ve listed some of our top tips for bike-owner so that you can maintain your bike and keep it healthy.

Tips to maintain your bike in good condition

  1. Air Filter 

Make sure you clean your air filter from time to time. Most bikes have either paper filter or air filter element. You can tap on the paper element to remove the dust. However, if it is a foam element then you need to wash it, dry it and re-oil it. If it is damaged you might have to replace it. 

  1. Drive Chain Adjustment 

Make sure that you adjust your drive chain from time to time. There is usually some slack in drive chains which is around 30 MMS usually. With use, it is possible that the drive chain gets unoriented and needs to be adjusted.

  1. Oil and Filter Change 

This is one of the most important tips to maintain your bike. Check for any leakages or any spillage. Make sure that the level of engine oil is maintained. If the oil is dirty, change it. Changing your engine oil on regular basis will help the engine work for a longer duration of time. You can change it in 3 simple ways. 

  • Remove the drain plug and drain the old oil in a drain tray. 
  • Check if the drain plug washer is not damaged and then you can refit the drain plug 
  • Unscrew the old filter and put the new filter into place. You can throw the old filter. 
  1. Spark Plugs 

Spark plugs often get corroded and dirty with use. This is due to the build-up of deposits at the firing end. Often the gap between the electrodes can be out of alignment. You can simply measure the spark plug gap and adjust the gap by bending the side electrode. You can use a feeler gauge to measure the spark plug gap. 

  1. Break pads 

Over time, the brake pads friction material may get worn out and will become useless. Therefore, one of the important tips to maintain your bike is that when you should get the brake pads changed. The brake pad is visible from the mouth of the calliper, most bikes have indicator groove, cutouts or a line to indicate the limit of the wear. If you cannot find the pad material, you should get it examined by a professional. 

  1. Clutch Adjustment 

Clutch is used to change the gears during riding the bike, therefore it is used very often. Therefore, when adjusting the clutch make sure that it isn’t overly tight and has the right amount free. An overtight clutch can cause it to slip without notice and can also increase the bike’s fuel consumption. 

  1. Cleaning the surface

One of the most obvious tip to maintain your bike is to clean its surface regularly. You must make sure that the ignition switch unit, silencer and the HT coil are covered with plastic sheets. It is also recommended to not have direct sunlight on your bike as it can affect its appearance and colours. 

  1. Service the Battery

Make sure that the battery of your bike is well-maintained at all times. Frequently examine it for leakages and add distilled water whenever it needs it. Make sure that the battery is clean from any dust and has enough space to breathe.

  1. Grease parts 

An often overlooked tip to maintain your bike is to grease certain parts of your bike. Your levers, cables and pivots should be lubricated regularly. This will help them operate regularly and not accumulate dust easily. Apply a few drops of oil or an aerosol lubricant to the visible parts of the bike – the brake pedal, gearchange lever, the stand, cables, etc.

If there is already dust accumulated there you can use a soft cloth to clean it. 

  1. Check Sprockets and maintaining a riding speed 

In general, replace sprockets after riding 40,000 kilometres. They usually wear-out with time and need to be checked. Furthermore, you should maintain your riding speed at around 40 to 60 kilometres to save money while driving and maintain your bike’s good health. 


There you have it. Make sure you pay attention to these things and your bike should be good as new for several years. The more that you give to the vehicle the more it’ll give to you. So, pay attention to it and make sure if you think something is wrong you get it checked.

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