Inspiring Royal Enfield Customisation by Zulfikar’s National Auto you Need To Check Out

Looking to give your bike a new look? You’re in the right place. 

Customisation of a Royal Enfield is usually different than other bikes simply because of its structure and style. We often try keeping the original style of the bike intact while changing the feel of the Royal Enfield. 

Why not take inspiration from some of our happy customers. We’ve added images of some of our favourite customisations of bikes below. We hope you find it inspiring! 

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  1. Classic Club Royal Enfield 

The cream and peach combination gives the Royal Enfield a truly royal and classy look. The matte finishing gives the motorbike a fresh and expensive look. While the logo detailing keeps it fresh and interesting to look at. Overall, our customer wanted a fresh and subtly classic look which we achieved with this customisation.

  1. Black beauty Royal Enfield

This customisation truly challenged us. The challenge was to create a sleek and royal look that stands out. We gave the motorcycle’s body a matte black finish and kept the seat bright red causing it to stand out. Overall, the look of the motorcycle met the expectations of the customer and we often see him ride his Royal Enfield happily across the city.

3) The Beast in Blue 

The customer wanted to give their Classic 350 Royal Enfield some minute detailing designs along with a bright design for this one. We worked on giving it a blue and white combination of colours along with some textured pattern. We switched up the seat and gave the bike a more comfortable space. In all, the customer loved the unique design and the bright stand-outish nature of the finished customisation. 

4) Classic Grey Green 

The classy and cool customisation gives the bike a fresh new look. The colour we chose for this was a cool greyish green with a semi-shiny and semi-matte finish. We even created a custom helmet to go with the Royal Enfield. This gave the already macho and cool royal Enfield a step up. The unique colour along with the finishing gives a different feel to the bike. 

5) Classic Black and Gold 

How can we leave without a classic black and gold customisation of a Royal Enfield? Going for a more classic feel of the royal Enfield we kept the base colour matte black and added details with gold. This works as a good combination for contrasts and gives a very royal look to the bike. The customer was truly happy with the final result of the customisation.


In conclusion, these are some of our top royal Enfield customisations over the years. We are professionals who have worked on several bikes. We understand your concern and work to give your ride your desired look. 
What are you waiting for? If you’re looking to customise your own motorcycle get in touch with us at Zulfikar’s National Auto.

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