Guide to get the best price for your second-hand bike in Mumbai (Selling)

You’ve owned a bike for a while and now you are looking to sell it? However, you don’t know how or where? Maybe you no longer use the bike, maybe you can’t afford to keep a bike, or you just wanna get a new bike.

Whatever your reason is to sell your bike, you must know that the value of the bike, the price, the condition and a few tidbits before you go ahead and sell it. Firstly, you should know that the price of your bike has now decreased as the bike is a 2nd hand bike once you have ridden it. Now, after you know your ‘why’ then it is time to know the ‘how’,’where’ and ‘how much’ you can possibly get, we can start the process of selling your bike.

You must make sure you are not fooled by a potential buyer or an agent/dealership you’re selling the bike to, as they are all just looking to make profit for themselves. It’s hard to find some to trust when it comes to selling a valuable item. 

Whenever you try to sell anything, you want the most out of that deal, this is where Zulfikar’s National Auto comes in, apart from other services they also help you sell your 2nd hand bike and offer you the best possible deal. That is because we prioritise customer satisfaction more than just making a profit. This helps us become one of the best in what they do. 

Sell your second-hand bike with Zulfikar’s National Auto

Zulfikar’s National Auto has been in the auto motors industry for more than 15 years. It is founded by a group of people with a shared passion and love for bikes. Their goal is primarily to provide complete customer satisfaction and then secondarily to make profits, making them trustworthy with every service they provide. With so much experience in the field, Zulfikar National Auto is able to provide you the best deals when it comes to selling your two wheeler. So you can get the best price to sell your two wheeler.

How do you calculate the price for your second hand bike? 

Knowing the price of your 2nd hand bike comes in handy when it comes to selling it. To calculate the price of your bike all you need is the brand, the model, the year it was manufactured in, the state you purchased it in and the kilometres you have ridden on the bike. On online sites you could get an estimate of how much money for the bike would be good, fair or excellent. But you are not accustomed to any one site, you go and check multiple sites which might end up showing different amounts for your bike. 

Having a good, trusted and quality mechanic means that you will always have your back covered by someone when it comes to auto motors. Since you have a good relationship with a particular trusted mechanic, he will try to get you the best deal possible and will not try to make a profit off you or scam you.

How to transfer the ownership of your second-hand bike 

The process of transferring the ownership of your second-hand bike can be started within 30 days of selling the bike to another person.

Go to the RTO taking all required documents like –

  • The original RC from a different state state
  • Duly filled Form No. 20
  • The NOC from previous RTO
  • Duly filled Form No.27
  • Duly filled Form No. 33
  • The attested copy of address proof
  • The attested copy of the valid driving license of the car owner
  • The attested copy of Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Original  RC
  • Duly filled Form no.29
  • Duly filled Form no.30
  • Copy of valid insurance
  • A copy of Residential Certificate attached with any two attested copies of voter id, the electric bill, Aadhar card, etc.
  • A Crime Report of N.C.R.B.
  • PAN Card with duly filled Form No. 60, or Form No. 61
  • The passport-size pictures of the 


  • The lending bank’s NOC if the vehicle is under a loan
  • If the buyer and seller live in different RTO areas then you need to get a no-objection certificate from the traffic department.


Now that all your why, how, how much, where questions have been answered. It should be a piece of cake for you to sell your bike in the best deal possible. All you have to do is collect all required documents and fill all forms, and trust the people at Zulfikar’s National Auto to provide you with the best deal possible. As they are going to make it super easy for you to sell your bike and get the most out of the sale.

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