Guide to buying Second-hand bikes at Best Prices in Mumbai

In India, motorcycles have been an important part of day to day travelling for a huge part of the population. For small lanes and jam-packed roads, two-wheelers are the best option to reach your destination quickly. In addition to that, they are also one of the most affordable options for private transportation.

There are a lot of manufacturers who have been trying to get the buyers attention. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money over a new bike, a used bike can be a really great option for you.

However, there are some things you should keep in mind before buying a second-hand bike. We’ve compiled them for you below. 

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Buying second-hand bikes at the best prices in Mumbai 

  • Inspect the bike 

Research is a must. Search all sites, watch videos, talk to someone who is an expert about bikes, you must know everything about what you are looking for and only then decide on what type of a bike you are going to opt for. You should never buy a vehicle with only half information. So make sure you have each and every piece of information there is.

In a second-hand bike, there are chances you might find physical, electrical or mechanical flaws, so you must do a thorough inspection of the bike in broad daylight and check the corrosion, fuel tank, oil leakage, exhaust pipe, the chassis number and also match the number on the plate with the engine.

  • Mechanical technical check 

Check the bike out. Check the paint job, look for scratches, dents, any fluid leakage, the lights, electrical wirings, the battery, the engine, tyres or any wear and tear. Scratches are considered to be ok but see to it that they are not too deep. 

Take a test drive and see if you are facing any problems while riding the bike, make sure the brakes, suspensions, clutch, accelerator, everything works properly. 

Don’t forget to check the mileage and running kilometre. Wear and tear of the tyres are a good indication of the reliability of the bike. Overall see to it that the mechanism of the bike, as well as the body of the bike, is well maintained.

  • Paperwork

Check all the papers properly, the RC book, Bike Insurance, The validity of the bike insurance, NOC (No Objection Certificate), Pollution Under Control Certificate, the RTO forms, Original Invoice, the owners manual/service book, Vehicle Identification Number, Extended Warranty (if any).

Tips for buying second-hand bikes at best prices 

  • Do your research. Keep your intuition locked away while you prepare to buy a second-hand bike. Do some fact-finding about the bike you wish to purchase.
  • Check the bike out thoroughly. Examine the exterior, the mechanical and the electrical. The more flaws you find out the more negotiations you can do.
  • Cold start the bike. This helps by giving you a good idea about the condition of the bike. Check out for any unusual noises and be sure to check all levers. Check the lights, horn and the indicators.
  • Check and make sure that the VIN (Vehicle Identification Numbers) on the frame of the bike and the engine, match.
  • Look out for asymmetry, if there are such asymmetry it could be an indication that the bike was involved in an accident
  • Check the maintenance records If they are not available, ask the owner how frequently has the bike been repaired/serviced and from whom.
  • Take a test ride, get on the bike and drive it for yourself. It could be that the bike looks good when stationary but after driving it for a bit it could bring out some flaws
  • Negotiate. As mentioned in one of the previous points, for every flaw you find in the bike, you can bring down the cost price of the bike. Therefore you must negotiate as much as you can without any hesitation.

Where to buy second-hand bikes from. 

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