9 simple ways you can increase your bike’s life

Riding a motorcycle is a thrill that isn’t lost upon any rider. The sharp turns and the wind lightly caressing you. How do you keep that feeling for a long period of time? There are simple ways you can increase your bike’s life. 

Needless to say, the better you treat your motorcycle the better it will treat you. We’ve compiled a list of some simple things that you can do to make sure that your bike supports you for a longer period of time. 

Let’s take a look into it.

1. Keep Your Motorcycle Clean

Your motorcycle will face a lot of dust and dirt on the road, which can affect the exteriors and some parts of the interiors of your bike. However, if you clean on regular occasions it will continue to look fresh and will last longer. Remember to clean the chain and the pain. Make sure you spray the metal with anti-corrosion metal wherever needed. 

2. Repair Any Issue Immediately

Does your bike make a weird sound while starting or can you hear a continuous rattling sound while driving? Take immediate action, don’t wait for your motorcycle to completely stop working to actually take action. This will not only damage your motorcycle further but will also create bigger expenses for you. 

The smart thing to do is to bring your motorcycle to Zulfikar’s National Auto and get it checked. 

3. Warm-up

Before starting your ride make sure you give your bike 2-3 minutes to warm up. This warms up the engine and makes sure that your motorcycle lasts longer. Wondering how to do it? Simply start your machine and let the revs be idle for a minute or two. This will heat up the engine oil and will make its circuit around the engine champers. While it is absolutely necessary to do so when starting a motorcycle after long-duration idleness, it is a good habit to form to increase the life of your bike.

4. Don’t overuse the clutch

Many people have the habit to use a bike’s clutch more than necessary. If you are one of them then you should know that this causes problems with the clutch plates. 

If you do stunts, wheelies or burnouts then that will most definitely affect your clutch plates negatively. Therefore, you should keep that in mind while using the clutch. 


5. Use the best grade engine oil for your bike

Choose an engine oil that truly suits your bike and the bike’s engine. While there are a variety of engine oils in the market it is good to take the time to research the right one for you. In general, commuter motorcycle generally doesn’t require high-grade engine oil. It only needs something to reduce the friction in the engine and give maximum efficiency. It’s important to pay attention to the price of the engine oil for everyday use too. 

While, if you have a sportbike, the engine revs very quickly, which leads to high temperatures, therefore those bikes require high-grade engine oil. 

6. Be away of the restrictions of the rev limiter

Modern bikes have a feature that prevents the engine to cross certain rev limits when the throttle is cracked open. This is created to protect the engine from jumping on the red line of the rev counter and becoming dangerous. However, you should keep in mind that this feature is created only to work while shifting up the gears. If you slam the gear lever down, the revs will jump up fast and the go over the engine red lines. 

7. Always Clean the Air Filter

Your motorcycle engine runs on air and fuel. Therefore, your bike needs to get enough air to be able to truly work efficiently. You should check the bike’s air filter regularly, especially after driving down dirty or dusty environments. Your bike’s owner’s manual will have the best way to clean your air filter and details about when you should change it. To truly enjoy your 2-wheeler for a long time you should keep a calendar to check up on these important parts of it.

8. Adhere to the Recommended Maintenance Schedules

Your motorcycle is made by engineers who understand your bike better than you. This is why your owner’s manual includes details of when it should be checked and serviced. This will not only increase your bike’s life but will also make sure that you are safe when on the road. Make sure that you read the maintenance check schedules and stick to them. Simple procedures and fixes can save you a lot of costs in the future. 

9. Observe the Correct Way of Braking-In Your Motorcycle

Make sure you take the time to learn the right way to brak in your motorcycle. While it may seem like a very basic tip, more often than not problems start with how an individual brakes-in. While the tests done on motorbikes are very particular and thorough, it is important to keep the guidelines in mind when riding a new bike. For example, some bikes are recommended to not exceed certain speeds for the first few miles of the right. Then brak-in into a little higher speed for the next few miles. Doing this the correct way will last your ride for a long time. 

In conclusion, here are the 9 simple ways you can increase your bike’s life without too much effort. Overall, following the owner’s manual and keeping the recommended practices in mind will make sure your bike can support you for a longer duration of time. 

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