8 High-Value Bikes for Resale in Mumbai

Motorcycles today come equipped with sleek designs, powerful engines, and enticing features. Even though it may be appealing at first glance, these may not always be the best suited for your requirements, or they may simply be too expensive. This is where High-Value Bikes for Resale in Mumbai come in handy. You can buy a great bike at a fraction of the cost if you buy it second hand.

When it comes to the resale of bikes, India has a market that is driven by a high demand by both the buyers and sellers. If you are looking to sell, it’s worthwhile knowing if your bike has a higher resale price point than its contenders. We’ve taken a look at some motorcycle models, which will give you some of the best features and power, and still fit your budget. Read on to find out the most in-demand resale bikes in India, and find one that’ll make your riding experience a breeze.

  1. Royal Enfield Classic 500 Cruisers

Royal Enfield classic 500 is one of the High-Value Bikes for Resale in Mumbai that is built around a retro, post-war design with a formidable engine. Its die-cast headlamps, retro detailing, and a strong engine make it an excellent addition to the Royal Enfield motorcycles. 

This bike has a cult following, which makes it the in-demand choice for riders. This bike has a 499cc engine which generates 41.3 Nm Torque. You’ll get a higher resale value for this motorbike than other bikes in the same range.

  1. Honda CB Unicorn 150

This motorcycle is one of the high-value Bikes for Resale in Mumbai that still holds strong in the sub-urban executive bike segment. It was brought back by Honda with a few upgrades, but the core design has remained the same. 

This bike is high in demand due to ABS and the mono-stun suspension, which give it a great mileage and an amazing riding experience. It has a 149.2 cc motor that produces a 12.73bhp and 12.80 Nm of torque. 

This bike has witnessed spikes in demand due to its high-performance engine, affordable pricing, reliability, and mileage. It will undoubtedly have a high re-sale estimate in the days to come.

  1. Hero Passion Pro i3S

The hero passion pro is a high-value Bikes for Resale in Mumbai that gives you bang for your buck. This bike has a 97cc motor fueled by the i3S technology, which gives it even more power. The bike gives a mileage of a whopping 84 km/l, which makes it high in demand by consumers.

This bike has a single chamber cooling facility in its engine and a 4-speed gearbox. This bike is a fantastic blend of mileage, value, and style which makes it valuable for resale.

  1. Hero Splendor Plus

Hero Splendor Plus is an extremely popular bike that has become a household name in many Indian families. This bike is easy to handle and easy to maintain. It flaunts a simple, clean yet attractive design that has undergone transformations over the years. The hero Splendor plus is equipped with a 97.2 cc engine which generates an 8.2bhp power and 8.05Nm of torque. This bike also has a high demand and resale value due to an excellent mileage performance, at 81km/l. 

  1.  Honda Activa and Aviator

Honda Activa and Honda Aviator are two highly popular scooters in the Indian market. They feature a refined 110cc engine with metal body panels and a robust ABS system. Honda Activa and Aviator have a maximum power capacity of 8bhp and 7.8 bhp and a torque of 8.94Nm and 8.97 Nm respectively. They offer a relatively good mileage of 45-50 km/l. These have a high resale value due to their focus on reliability, comfort, and value for money. 

  1.  Bajaj Pulsar 150 

Bajaj pulsar 150 is one of the high-value Bikes for Resale in Mumbai that has re-defied the norms and redefined what entry-level bikes in India look like. The bike is visually appealing with its signature wolf eyed headlamps and a muscular fuel tank. This bike is powered by a 149 cc engine.

The engine generates 14bhp of power at maximum with a 13.4Nm torque. It has a mileage or a strong 65 km/l. Bajaj Pulsar 150 is affordable, stylish and is one of the best performing bikes in the 150cc budget segment, which makes it so high in-demand.

  1.  Bajaj Avenger Street 150

The Bajaj Avenger motorcycle comes wrapped in a stylish all-black theme that resembles the Harley Davidson Street, 750 models. This bike has a standard 150 cc engine and it generates 15.54 PS of power and a 12.5Nm of maximum torque. 

This bike is high in demand due to its value for money, well-damped suspensions, and well-gripped tubeless tyres. It’s suitable for riders of all types and is a comfortable ride. It’s also popular due to its good mileage of 45  km/l.


So now that you’ve discovered the high-value Bikes for Resale in Mumbai, we hope that you make informed choices with your purchase. Before purchasing any bike, make sure that you check your motorcycle insurance (if any) and maintenance requirements. No one size is right for everyone, and your best fit will depend upon your usage and requirements. 
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